Thursday, October 21, 2010

Linux Kernel 2.6.36 Released

Finally, after having a bit of delay with the last RC, Linus decided to give a go to the Linux Kernel 2.6.36 and leave the merge window open for new features that will be included in the next Linux Kernel 2.6.37 which should be released next year (or the end of this year if it make it on time, which i doubt).

Many interesting new features included in 2.6.36 has been written on KernelNewbies, such as:
Besides the above new features, there are some other changes, such as the drivers and architecture which now get a new separate page for it.

For me personally, i would like to test the new patch from Linus that resolves the desktop responsiveness on my laptop. It has been very slow, mostly when copying from/to USB devices, such as flash disks and portable hard disks.