Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Second Day: Watching Three Kingdom Studio

Our second day started at 6 AM where we got our morning call from the hotel since we were going to leave to Wuxi and the trip took few hours. We had breakfast at the hotel around 7 AM and we left around 8 AM.

When we reached Wuxi, we visited some places, including the Three Kingdom Park where the Romance of Three Kingdoms movie was filmed. It was built by CCTV, one of the biggest TV station in China. We saw the Three Kingdom and it reflected the battle between the three heroes against Tsao Tsao.

Next, we visited Taihu Lake and we took a tour using an old war boat around the lake. We could still see the building used in the movie when we rode the boat. The trip took about half an hour before we left to teapot factory and Sanyang Square to have our shopping session before going to our hotel and rest.

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