Friday, May 26, 2006

Another RC Towards 2.6.17

Linus Torvald has just released another RC (Release Candidate) for 2.6.17 and he hoped that it will be the last RC before the final 2.6.17 will come out soon enough. I have read some of the changelog and Andrew Morton has tried to fix some warning in compile time, and there was a discussion on KernelTrap about this. It started when Daniel Walker insisted that warning messages should be dissapeared in compile time by the compiler, but Alan Cox answered that if any warning is generated, then in the future, people will look for the code and reviews it again. If there are no warnings/errors, nobody will look for it again in the future and it's still there.

I have seen many warnings in compile time when i was compiling my own kernel (i'm using for now). Luckily, most of it are not being used in my system (most of them are in SCSI section). I'm hoping that most of them will be fixed in 2.6.17 (even though new patches will bring new warnings again). It's nice to have a clean code without warnings at compile time :D

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