Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trip To Bandung

Today i'm going to Bandung with my colleagues. We have planned this for several days and finally there are 5 people who joined this trip. They were me, Adi, Markus, Ronny, and Berta (Ronny's friend). We planned to start our trip at 7 AM when Ronny should start picking us, starting from me and Markus.

I woke up at 6.30, but since i got sleey, i went sleep again until 6.45. I send a sms message to Markus and he said that he has already in the office since 6 AM (hm... suprising). So i took a bath and went to the office at 7 AM. When i got there, i had a feeling that Ronny wouldn't have woken up, so Markus called Ronny and we were right (he just got up after he heard Markus's call). He picked us up around 7.30 and we would pickup Berta first, but finally we picked up Adi first and then we picked Berta and start our journey to Bandung via Cikampek highway.

We reached Bandung in about 1 hour and 35 minutes, quite a fast trip, since the highway wasn't that crowded as usual. When we got to Bandung, we went to Adi's cousin house and we picked (or probably 'kidnapped') Erwin to be our guide, since we didn't know much about Bandung. At first, i wanted to ask Sandy, my cousin to accompany us, but he was busy, so we picked Erwin. He was a big person, but he was still in his first year in high school (kids these days are bigger hehehehe).

Our first destionation was Rumah Mode, a famous factory outlet in Bandung. It was my first visit, since i thought it only consists of women's dress, but actually it has men's also and i bought a nice shirt there (hey, i never bought shirt or t-shirt in Jakarta before, so it was my first experience buying something besides food and magazines). The price were cheaper than in Jakarta, so i decided to get one. The size were big enough for me, and it suited me well.

Next, we went to Kartika Sari to bought some gifts followed by having lunch at some weird small restaurant. It hasn't got any name board, but people know the place well. Maybe they use mouth to mouth promotion. After lunch, we went to Pascal Hyper Square. It was my first visit also. Some store was still closed as it was relatively a new mall in Bandung. I got two new shirt here in de Cosmo, so totally i got three shirt. Next, we went to Amanda to buy brownies (only i, Erwin and Adi who didn't buy it). After that we took some shots near the Harley readers.

Our last destination before having dinner as at Riau, where most factory outlets were there. Almost every building there were factory outlets, so you will need more than one or two hour to visit all of them. Of course we didn't have that much time, so we only visits Island, Cascade, Formen, and Summit. I didn't buy anymore shirt since i thought it's enough for me.

We had dinner at near Erwin's house. We ate Rica-rica noodle. Most people said that it was so spicy, but in my personal opinion, it wasn't that spicy, but i have seen the proof that it was quite spicy for some people. Ronny was sweating badly just like he had just had a sauna. He also ate fried rice with Markus.

After taking Erwien back to his home, we went back to Jakarta and this time, the highway was much more crowded, so it took longer to get back to Jakarta, but we managed to get into our home safely. What a nice trip. I wanted to go there again, but i also wanted my girlfriend to go with me also, since i know that she will like the place very well, since there are so many place to shop, nice weather, and also nice food.

Until next trip.....

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