Thursday, May 25, 2006

Linux Device Driver Kit

Greg-Kroah Hartmann (one of -stable kernel maintainer) has just released a Linux Device Driver Kit which was made based on the latest kernel available up to now ( It is a cd image that contains everything that a Linux device driver author would need in order to create Linux drivers, including a full copy of the O'Reilly book, "Linux Device Drivers, third edition" and pre-built copies of all of the in-kernel docbook documentation for easy browsing. It even has a copy of the Linux source code that you can directly build external kernel modules against.

It's stated that he would need help to improve this release and list them all here:
* searchable index of all documentation.
* prettier web pages with CSS support and images.
* More documentation.

So, if you can do one or all of them, please let him know and start working on it.

You can download the ISO freely.

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