Friday, May 12, 2006

Fixing Bugs in My Web

Yesterday i saw a post in my cBox at my personal web which asked me to check some url in my web which has been modified. I'm curious and test it and it ruined the index of the paging with a text "4 haiiiii". I knew that i hadn't correctly check the input from the query strings so i added new validation on it and now it has been fixed. Thanks to the anonymous person who told me that.

I also found another bug after i did some addition testing on the previous bug and i managed to fix it also. Luckily i didn't use too much scriptings on my web page, so there shouldn't too much problem on it. The only problem for now is how to reduce spams in my guestbook, since GD library was disabled and i couldn't use Captcha again to make some image to detect whether the submitter is a person or robots (mostly are spammers).

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