Monday, May 15, 2006

Kurusetra Starts Again

After doing some feature adding, Kurusetra has come back online and today is the first day of the game. It's now a testing phase, as the game will start tommorrow at 12 PM. But if you start tommorrow, you will loose some time that you can use to build buildings and your soldiers. You also have a chance to change your characters today as tommorrow the settings will be fixed and you won't have any chances to change anything anymore. Please keep in mind that if you change your character, your status will be reset again, so every building that your have built will be gone and you will have a new status.

Just for your information, Kurusetra is a multiplayer web-based online game which was very famous in Indonesian peoples, since it uses Indonesian language. Basically, when you made an account, you will have a kingdom and you will have to build that kingdom along with other kingdom in your "dewan raja" (it's some kind of groups of kingdoms which is indicated by a number, for example 1:1). In one dewan raja, it usually consist of 15 kingdoms. We can extends our kingdom by attacking other dewan raja and gaining a special item called tongkat Tirtapawitrasari, but our leader must declare a war to that dewan raja or our dewan raja is declared war by other dewan raja.

It has 8 creatures with 11 characters that you can choose when you create your account. And you can register a lot of accounts just by using one email address. Each creatures and characters has it's own advantages and disadvantages. You will have to look for the manuals to know about them all.

Just try it, it will be fun.