Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Small But Important

Today, there are 2 updated application that were small, but still classified as top priority. There are Linux kernel and Mozilla Firefox. I noticed the updates for Firefox from Majorgeeks which list most of Windows-based application. I use the software-update mechanism to update my Firefox, but i still download the Windows and Linux version for my laptop which is offline. I read the release note for this release was for fixing 1 bug which causes Firefox to crash. Small changes, but it is important, since it will cause the application to crash, which was bad for users.

The second application was Linux kernel which is now has reached, the biggest 2.6.x.y version i have seen (it probably gets more than this). In this version, it only consists of 1 patch from Patrick McHardy, but since it fixed an infinitive loops condition, it was considered critical and the maintainer of -stable team didn't wan't to hold any longer for another patch and release this as new version of stable kernel again. I have skipped the, and i'll skip this version also, since i was compiling the last kernel just few days ago, so perhaps i will take the 2.6.17 for the cumulative patches from Linus and -stable team.

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