Sunday, May 14, 2006

New and Updated Packages

Patrick Volkerding has added and updated some packages in -current development changelog. Two packages that were added are git and mercurial. These two packages will mostly be used by developers, as it is a control system, just like CVS or SubVersion. New kernel has also been landed in -current tree, which i think will be the default kernel in the next Slackware release, since it has been mentioned in the previous changelog entry (except when 2.6.17 is released before Slackware 11 is released):

Upgraded to Linux kernel source.
BTW, I think 2.6.16.x, being the first kernel series in the 2.6 series that has been promised some long-lived support, will be the 2.6 kernel you'll see in the next Slackware release. If/when 2.6.17 (or 18, etc.) come out, don't expect to see me chasing after it immediately. I'm looking for a kernel that can be counted on for stability -- not the bleeding edge. Of course, once 2.6.16.x is considered tested enough to leave /testing (and it does seem close), perhaps a newer kernel might take its place here just for fun. Oh and yes -- I did see that is out, and I know that the test26.s kernel wasn't yet updated. Due to the Mozilla situation, I can't delay this update to be a $SUCKER some more, but you'll see soon. That is, if there isn't a newer one first...

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