Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Record

Today i played Shishen-Sho, one of the games included in KDEGame packages in KDE packages. It's a board game and the main goal of the game is to remove all block as fast as possible, because the faster you finish, you will get more score. Yesterday i have defeat my own record. For a long time, my best time was more than three minutes, but yesterday i managed to get less than three minutes (see the screenshot. It's not the latest screenshot. When i finish playing the game, everything was under 4 minutes). I do this without using right click (to locate the other card) or help (by pressing h to resolve the available steps). I was quite suprised, since i don't have any intention to beat my own record. I played the game to wait for my girlfriend, since she was watching MI3 (Mission Impossible 3) with her sister and some of her friends.