Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get Legal

I have added a new icon that link to OpenOffice's Get Legal campaign in this blog and also at my home page. The basic idea of this campaign is that OOo requires no licences at all and you can use it for free and it is legal. Two sentences which suprises me are :

Studies have shown it is ten times cheaper to move to 2 than it is to upgrade to MS-Office 2007.

A poll has indicated 86% of users would prefer to try 2 rather than buy MS-Office 2007.

Most people who likes MS Office (mostly are companies) will ask about this values, but i'm sure OOo will not just make those statistics for nothing. They get the fact that OOo has a high demand from most users around the world who was tired of licence model that was implemented in MS Office and other Microsoft's products.

So.. What are you waiting for? Get now and try it for yourself. I suggest that you download OOo 2.0.2 for now as this is the latest stable version for now. If you need documentation, you can access Documentation Project which contains HOWTO, Manuals, Setup Guide, and other links to other resources which can be used to learn OOo. Indonesian Documentation Project is also available. For marketting and support for Indonesian users, please visit Indonesian Native Lang project or join our mailing list at YahooGroups.

1 comment:

  1. Komputer-ku gak ada MS Office-nya hehe... hanya ada MS Works (bawaan dari laptop, yg sebenernya juga gak berguna, cuma daripada gak di-install), dan tentu saja

    Sayonara sayonara... sampai berjumpa pula... Buat apa MS, buat apa Office, MS Office tak ada gunanya... ^^