Saturday, May 13, 2006

Completed The Settler

last night i completed The Settler - Herritage of Kings the original version (not the expansion packs). It was quite difficult, since we are surrounded with unknown locations. If we explore some place and the enemy were there, they will chase us and they will find our base, while we were preparing for the defence and the army (i used archers and cannons most of the time with some help from the heroes and the towers). So we have to be very carefull when we want to explore new places. I have experienced this, since i failed to accomplish this task few weeks ago (yeah, i haven't played it yet again for few weeks). The resources were not too much, so i had to use the Marketplace to trade for Iron and Stone using Clay and Woods. In fact, when i attack the last castle, i was out of iron. Luckily i can pass the game before i ran out of armies and cannons :D

I'll start playing the expansion packs today and let's see if there is a big improvements on it.

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