Saturday, May 27, 2006

EarthQuake on Jogja

This morning (6 AM) i got a phone call from my girlfriend, saying that there was a big earthquake in Jogja. I was suprised and then i called my mother. She said that everybody was fine, only some roofs were broken and her room was messed up because of the earthquake. It was a big one, with 5.9 richter, even though it only last for 57 seconds. You can see the detail in USGS Earthquake Hazards Program. My girlfriend asked me to buy a voucher, so she can keep in touch with others, since all phone was dead and couldn't be contacted. I called some of my friends, and they were OK (that's a good news), but i wasn't able to call everybody, since the line was busy.

I went to take a bath and i rushed to the office to see the news on the Internet, but the server was down again. So i shut it down and clean it first (it's a little bit dusty) and replace the AGP VGA Card with the PCI (this was the main problem). After i switched it, it went back online without any problem, but the problem wasn't finished. I forgot to remember the cable position, as there are 2 cables, one for local area network, and the other for the ADSL connection. After a little bit of trial and errors, i finally made it and all Internet connection has come back online. I'll stay at the office to monitor the situation and read some news on the Internet, because it's not safe yet, as i'm very anxious about another earthquake and a possibility of floads or even tsunami again (we already had enough with Aceh last year which blowed up everything).

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

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