Monday, May 08, 2006


This week, i wanted to find some resources about CodeBehind in .NET. It will be used to convert our project from desktop application to web-based application. While it's just an idea (not yet proposed), but it's better if make some planning on it so when it's decided, we have cut some of our development time to do some research on how to do it.

The basic idea of CodeBehind is to separate your presentation layer (that will be your ASP.NET or HTML code) and your core program (the logic) that will be in C# because we have made the program in C#. So ASP.NET will call the C# code behind the scene and compile it and use it to process the data. That is why it is called CodeBehind. Well, this is the basic idea, but i need to get more on it as is is new for me, so i need to spend more time on this so that i get the trick to make the migration faster and smoother.

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