Monday, May 22, 2006

TuxShop Point of Sale

Today i found an interesting application that is designed for GNU/Linux and Windows platform to run a point of sale application. It's called TuxSoft Point of Sale which is made by TuxSoft Business Solutions. TuxShop is a modern point of sale and retail management application. It is feature packed yet still manages to provide an interface that is as simpler than a cash register to operate. You can download them in .ISO files as they want to get rid of installation problems. So, if you want to open a retail and you want to use GNU/Linux as the operating system, try this product for the Point of Sale application.


  1. Johan1:42 AM

    Dude, the applic originates from South Africa, there they have the currency 'Rand' (ZAR). Is it possible in this solution to change the currency? I mean not just by changing the regional settings, but in the reports it generates?
    By the way, take this also into account in the applications we develop ;)
    Regards and have a nice weekend

  2. Yes, i have download them, but i haven't burned them into CD, as they are available in .ISO file.

    We could see the source code for it and let's see if we can use some of the code for our own applicaton

  3. The software is cool and all, but it is a trial version. I could not find the source code online.

    There aren't many free Point of Sale software around. I guess I'll have to write my own for the family store.

    /me diggs out dreamweaver.

  4. well, perhaps they made it commercial application.

    I know, there isn't much POS application out there and if you do need it badly, it's best to write your own apps (i agree with this)

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