Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Updating Indonesian Wiki

Today, i was quite busy. Besides collecting all the remarks for the OWG project and updating the documents (also fixing some bugs), i also start working on the Wiki pages for ooo-id project. At first, i have some problem installing Wiki at the Sourceforge, since it has restricted access and some features are disabled. Later on, Charles-H. Schulz, lead of the Native-Language Confederation of OpenOffice.org project told me to make a Wiki page at OpenOffice's Wiki page. So i started yesterday and today i continued it and finally some of the information needed by newcomers to join ooo-id project has been available. The main page of the project has also been redirected to this page. I will keep it updated regularly and if you have some suggestion to be put on that page, please mail me. I will put it as soon as possible.