Friday, May 05, 2006

Local Chat Is Enabled Again

For several days, i couldn't do a local chat using local messenger, such as YaK or WinPop Lan Messenger. So i have to rely on Yahoo Messenger to have a chat with my colleagues in my office. The only problem is that Yahoo Messenger requires Internet connection while local chat only need a switch/hub to connect to each other. The problem was because the Windows's firewall was corrupt because of a trojan/worm which i had few months ago. I asked to Microsoft Community and i got the answer in less than 1 hour. I went to the site, grabbed the registry file, and applied the solution and the firewall works again and now i can have a local chat again.

It was nice to have an answer in less then one hour, but if i use GNU/Linux, i wouldn't have this kind of problem as i never use firewall in my Slackware system. My system was directly connected to the Internet but i never got any problem like this. This is why i like GNU/Linux, mostly Slackware as my prefered distro since it was stable, robust, slick, and secure.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    kalo LAN Messenger untuk Linux apa donk?

  2. Hm.. aku juga belum tahu kalo yg ini, tapi coba cari di dech. Disana banyak aplikasi-aplikasi open source yang bisa dipakai