Sunday, May 04, 2008

2008 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards

In January and February, Linux Journal has asked people to vote for their favorite application and today, they announced the winner (and also the Honorable Mentions that deserves to be named, even though not able to win). You will see some common application dominate the votes, like in office application, Apache in web server category, Firefox in browser category, and many more. There are also some close battle, like GNOME vs KDE which is always competitive (this time GNOME won by 3,2% over KDE).

For complete list, please visit their page.

It's interesting to see this kind of voting as each year, most of the components changed and it's good reference for new people who wanted to migrate to Linux. For example, people often asked "What Linux distribution should i use for newbie?" By looking at the results, it's probably wise to recommend Ubuntu (even though i'm Slackware users) for that person (the final decision is on his/her hand though).

Keep battling for the best big grin