Saturday, May 31, 2008

Power of Community

Lately the Annotea server which is a public server provided by W3C for testing Annotea project is down (i don't know the reason), but i need that server for my thesis project, so i sent an email to their mailing list, but nobody in charge of that server replied.

Instead, i got an offer by Urs Holzer to use his Annotea server which works just like the official W3C server. It's a great help, since my thesis is very dependent on the availability of the Annotea server as it holds the data there. With this help, i can continue working on my thesis again.

I called something like this the power of community. We share our knowledge and resources with others and someday, we would get a positive feedback on our knowlede and resource which can be used to improve ourselves. It's like mutual partnership. It's a win win solution.

This is how most Open Source projects grew. They share their codes and in return, people review, test, and submit patches, enhancement that will make the software better. By sharing your codes, you also put trust to other people as well..