Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip Day 2

My trip continued and second day's target was Pasar Atom. We got a ride from a friend (a couple) of my girlfriend's mother so we don't need to spent money to use taxi (even though it's not too far from our hotel). While i was on my way to Pasar Atom, i talked with the guy who took us a ride and he was talking about IT (he was working in Finance section though). He asked whether i knew about Navision or not. I said no, and he explained what it is. At that time, i didn't have any idea what that is, but when i went back to Jogja, i tried to get an information about the application and it was called Navision before Microsoft bought it and rename it to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that helps you simplify and streamline your highly specialized business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way you do business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you and your people with industry specific functionality that’s relevant to the local needs of your regions of operation, even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations
When i last visited Pasar Atom, there was only one Pasar Atom, which didn't have AC (air conditioner) yet. Now, it has two version of Pasar Atom (the new one has AC) but both of them are interconnected, so it's located in one big area. I met two of my students here, which went there together. We traveled along all the shops there and we also bought lots of foods for people in Jogja. We were in Pasar Atom until 4 PM, because it's closed at 5 PM (i don't know why it closed so early). We went back to the hotel and take some rest before we went to Delta Plaza which was adjacent with the hotel. It would take less than 5 minutes of walking to go to Delta on foot.

As usual, i tried to find a book store on Pasar Atom and i found Gramedia. I bought one book on this book store, which was History of China. On this book store, i also found an interesting education tools which can read book content and equipped with speech devices to say the pointed text using some kind of pen. It was said that the device can read all kind of book published by several publisher which has a contract with the developer of the device. It's very handy to teach small kids how to spell English or Chinese language. The price was about 1.5 million IDR.

At Delta, i also bought new sandals, because mine was about to broke. I went to Sports Station and buy a black Reebok sandals which fit on my feet. Lucky me, there was a promotion on that store, so i got 20% off and that day was the last day.

Well, that's all for second day. It's quite busy day, but i enjoyed it big grin

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