Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Back

Finally, after four days without Internet connection (i didn't bring my laptop too) in Surabaya, i'm back here in Jogja at 8.20 PM using Sancaka (train). I feel so strange for being out of Internet, even though it's only for four days.

It's a great vacation and good for me too, since i never had quite a long vacation before, so it's my chance while i'm not too busy. It's also a great chance to see Surabaya after my last visit many years ago. I have seen lots of things here and i have recorded some interesting points on my mobile phone to be posted on my blog in the following days (it will be like a short summary of what i saw in this city).

By the way, congratulations for Manchester United for their double title this year (EPL and Champion League). Even though you didn't repeat the treble title this year, it's been an outstanding performance you have shown us from the beginning of this season until the end of the title race. You deserved the title.

1 comment:

  1. sayang ya mesti kalah kecolongan dari porstmouth.. padahal dengan materi kayak gini, treble bisa keulang lagi.. huhu..

    tapi ya WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!