Thursday, May 22, 2008

Change of Look

21 Cineplex has changed it's website. It's way better than the old black style and it has more contents rather than displaying the current and future movies. The interface is good, but i think they have too many unused steps. Look at the SEARCH MOVIE part. You will be asked name of the city, then name of the theater, and then, name of the movies being played at that theater. When you clicked GO, you will see all of the movies listed on that theater (the movie you selected will be highlighted in red though). It's something useless when you can do that in one or two clicks by looking at the theater section.

They added trailer links in each movies, which is a huge improvements on the website. People could see the trailer before the movies are available on the theater. Too bad the full screen option is not yet working (a bug probably?).

Several new sections are Slow Motion, The Stars, 21 Exclusive, and Gallery, which are more like a news portal and biography site. It's not completely related with the movie theater, but it does provide some information about artists.

It has 11 errors on the main page (checked with HTML Validator Extension) and 23 Accessibility errors (checked using Wave WebAim). I'm sure most of the errors can be fixed by the developer. The question is are they willing to fix it?

I'd say 8/10. What's your opinion Thomas?

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