Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip Day 4

On day 4, i was planning to see UEFA Champion League because MU was playing against their rival, Chelsea. I slept earlier and was hoping that i could get up at 2 AM because it's when the match started. Well, i didn't set any alarm, because it would woke up the other (who didn't like watching football).

Lucky me, i could woke up at 2 AM sharp and turned on the TV. It was broadcasted by RCTI, but i can also see it in star sport, since the hotel subscribed to TV Cable. One problem solved, another one come up. I watched the match silently (mute) because i would woke the other people if i don't do that big grin (you know how football fans behave when there's a goal).

Well, 90 minutes of official match plus 2x15 extra time and shoot-out penalty, finally MU won the match and i went to bed around 4.30 AM.

In the morning, we were packing our stuffs because we would leave Surabaya at 3 PM. We put our luggage at the hotel because the checkout time was 12 PM. We went to Delta because it's too far to go to other places and finally we went to Jogja by train around 3.10 PM.

Well, that's my 4-day journey to Surabaya...

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  1. Next time, bring headphones when you're on a trip. I do all the time. A small headset with a long cable is handy for moments like this, you know... :)