Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pidgin Status Changer

Lately, i found out that Pidgin have some problems with their status changer. Sometimes, i changed my status and my contact list didn't see my new status. They will see the new status when they logged out and logged in again (but they will not see my new status if i changed it again).

Few days ago, i tried to install MusicTracker and also AmarokPidgin that does the same thing, change my Pidgin status based on the song title i played on amaroK. AmarokPidgin does work on my system, even though a little bit of hacking is required, but the new status won't be visible to other people (only when they sign in again). I don't know whether it's pidgin's bug or not, but i do hope it will be fixed in the newer version of Pidgin with an updated of meanwhile project.