Monday, May 26, 2008

Registration Day

Today is registration day for short semester in my campus. I have been assigned to teach Software Engineering class for both Computer Science and Information System faculty. The materials are already finished, but i will need some adjustment due to the unexpected things i saw today.

Last month, the faculty asked students to filled in a form and write down what subject that should be opened in short semester. That form was being used as a parameter for discussion before the short semester opened. Because the students that were interested beyond the minimum requirement, it was decided to be opened.

At 9.50 AM, i got a phone call from one of my students saying that the quota for the two blocks were already full (it was set to 40 at initial settings). I was quite surprised, since the number who filled in the form was less than that. He asked whether it's possible to add 5 more. So i agreed to add more capacity. Just in a few minutes later, he called again and asking for more, since it's already full again
surprise I was on my way to the campus, so i told him to wait for me at the campus.

When i arrived, it was very crowded. I entered the lab where the registration took place. Students were asking for more capacity for my class, and i decided to make new adjustment again to 60 and 50. I couldn't fulfill all of their request to add more, since with limited time, it's impossible to finish all the correction done in just few days and also since this class has a project, i need time for presentation. More students means i need more time, so i set the maximum limit and no more adjustment.

Since then, many students came to my office and asked me over and over and i keep rejecting them. I'm sorry for this, but i have no other choices. You still have an opportunities in regular semester big grin

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