Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Monitor

This morning, when i turned on my monitor, i was surprised to see that my monitor was kinda damaged. It blurred badly, but then it went back to normal after few seconds. So i tried to reproduce the problem by turning it off again for a little while. When i turned it on again, the same problem persists. But if i waited for several minutes, it went back to normal. Strange confused

So finally i decided to buy a new monitor, which is LCD. Why? Because it consumes less power and it has different technology compared to CRT monitors. I picked LG Flatron L1753S and it's sitting in front of me right now big grin

Good by my AoC monitor who has accompanied me for over than 7 years (i bought that monitor when i entered my college). I will repair that monitor and if it can be fixed, perhaps my girlfriend will use it (she has 15' in her house and mine is 17').