Thursday, May 01, 2008

Adobe Establish Open Screen Project

At last, Adobe finally started to open access to Adobe Flash technology by launching Open Screen Project. Here are their TODO work:
  • Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications
  • Publishing the device porting layer APIs for Adobe Flash Player
  • Publishing the Adobe Flash® Cast™ protocol and the AMF protocol for robust data services
  • Removing licensing fees - making next major releases of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for devices free
By doing this, it will make Flash development and usage increased in Open Source community as they will have wider access for developing technologies that relies and/or uses Flash format.

It's not easy to open access technology that is core to business process. Adobe can do it, so why can't the others?

Congratulations Adobe applause

Open Screen Project

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  1. FOSS people is really picky about proprietary things. Open Screen Project would definitely fixes Flash implementation in FOSS browser, OTOH it will be considered as a threat (competitor in positive perspective) in other wannabe-RIA platform of FOSS desktop. eg: Plasma.

    But I thank God, Silverlight would meet a serious rival, finally.