Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kompozer: Web Authoring System

People who are used to DreamWeaver sometimes complaints that there are equivalent application in Linux that can replace DreamWeaver. It also happened with workshop attendance that was held from last Monday until next Friday at my campus. They asked to be taught by using DreamWeaver, but my colleague, Budi Susanto decided to use KompoZer, a web authoring system which already support WYSIWYG feature, like DreamWeaver had.

Although it's not 100% full replacement, i think KompoZer has a good future for most people, mostly web designers that works using Linux/Unix platform. It's also available in Windows and Macintosh platform too. It also supports file management that can be used to publish your files directly to the web hosting, so it will ease your work big grin

KompoZer is based on Nvu, developed by Daniel Glazman and Linspire and also take some part from Mozilla engine (which Nvu based on).