Friday, May 16, 2008

No Indonesia at Men's Final

It's a sad news for all of Indonesian badminton's lovers, since the men team has lost 3-0 to South Korean and they didn't reach the final as expected. It's a big loss, since most people will predict that they would reach the final like the women team who beat Germany yesterday to advance to final against China.

I myself didn't watch the matches, since i was watching Narnia: The prince of Caspian at movie theater. My friend was very disappointed, since Indonesia lost and he already refused my invitation to watched Narnia today.

By the way, the second Narnia movie was far way better than the first one. They really worked hard to make this movie and i think it's worthed. The special effects, the story, the battle (some of them are funny though). Everything is nice and i think you should see this movie (even for those who disappointed with the first Narnia movie).

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