Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip Day 3

Not much i wanted to talk about in my third day of my vacation in Surabaya. I was pretty sure that my inbox would be filled with lots of email messages from my friends and also from mailing list that i subscribed to. While i didn't bring my laptop with me, i need to find an easy way to monitor my inbox. The only media i had was my cellphone that already accompanied me since 2002 (it's been six years).

In the past, i have tried GMail Mobile Access, but it refused my cellphone since it didn't support HTTPS protocol (it didn't have mobile browser like most modern cellphone, so it's very limited). When i was waiting for the other to shop, i tried to connect to my GMail account again with a little hope that they would have changed their system to permit non-secure connection.

Guess what? They did!!! GMail now permits you to connect via insecure connection with a warning after you input your username and password. By using GPRS connection (i used Telkomsel), i can monitor my inbox everywhere, thanks to new policy of GMail. I can also reply, delete, or trash any messages on my inbox just when i accessed it via web browser, but with a limited features. The rate was very cheap. Since GMail displayed 10 messages per screen, i need to load the page 15 times and it only charged me around 1000 IDR (note that i only look into my inbox, not looking at each messages).

Actually, you can also use GMail Mobile Access on your browser, mostly if you are using slower connection. It will display all your email messages just like it was displayed in cellphones, so it uses very simple interface.

Too bad my cellphone doesn't support Java application, so i can't install IM application on my cellphone big grin

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  1. just get a phone that support it. phone are cheap nowadays :D