Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finally, Fedora 9 DVD

Finally i can download Fedora 9 DVD from UGM. In the last few days, i have been trying to download the ISO from my campus and from my house, but it all failed. So last Sunday, when i had a class, i took my laptop and download via WiFI provided by UGM and i can download it directly from their repo with approximately less than one hour (3,3 GB). The speed varies, but it's faster than 800 KB/s (since it's considered local network in UGM).

Too bad, Yahya already ordered the DVD from Vavai big grin If only he would wait a little bit longer, he might be able to get it free of charge from me cool


  1. Linknya itu Wil, :-D

    BTW, It's not too bad anyway. I used to funded Indonesian openSUSE community activities, :-P