Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Full Speed Download

I have been using rapidshare for few months, but i have never been able to download at full speed even though my bandwidth is 1 Mbps now (Thanks to Speedy). Theoretically, i can have up to 128 KB/s, but until today, i always got 40-50 KB/s at maximum.

Today i noticed some strange things, because my download graph is very high, which indicates that i download at faster speed than usual. I checked my flashget application and i saw that my download speed has surpassed 100 KB/s (not 128 KB/s though). By getting this value, i can download 100 MB with just less than 16 minutes drooling. The problem is that i don't know when i can get full speed, since at the beginning, usually i got the usual 40 KB/s speed, but after few minutes, it raised to top speed. When the times come, everything seems to be so fast big grin

Well.. that's all for now, as i want to see Thomas Cup match between Indonesia and England.....

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