Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Installing Windows XP SP 3

Normally, people waited for Service Pack to include the latest protection for their Windows operating system, but in some cases, Service Pack sometimes caused troubles, thus people are afraid of installing SP and they prefer to wait for public review first. Few weeks ago, Windows XP SP 3 has been officially released (after having several delays, as usual) and like always, i have download it, but i didn't install it directly on my computer. I'd prefer to wait for public reports whether it would cause new problems or not.

After waiting for few weeks, i finally decided to install the latest SP into my desktop and laptop. The process is faster than installing SP 2 (perhaps because SP 2 introduces quite a big changes compared to SP 3 which focused mainly on security fixes only). All i need is double clicking the .exe file and let the installer do the rest. After the process is finished, it asked for a restart (which can be postponed if you are still busy doing your activities).

Upon restarting your system, your system will finish the upgrade process and finally, your system will have Service Pack 3 installed perfectly. I found no problem at all after installing this Service Pack, so i guess it's relatively a smooth upgrade process compared to SP 2.

Please note that by installing SP 3 doesn't mean that you are 100% safe, as security threats are evolving very fast. SP 3 only help you to reduce the risk, but it won't swap all the potential risk that can affect you.

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