Thursday, June 12, 2008

Browser Galore

This week, two new browsers are introduced to public. Next week, a new one will appear. It's really a browser galore big grin

Let's start with Safari. Apple team has introduced their next major Safari product to developers for preview. It's available for Mac OS X Leopard, Tiger and of course their new playground, Windows. It will be named Safari 4 and it's focusing on performance (probably because Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard will also focusing on performance rather than introducing new features). The good thing is that it complies with ACID 3 Test. It scored 100/100 (perfect). Safari 4 adds the ability to Save a webpage as an application, similar functionality to the third-party application Fluid. Also spotted in the Safari preferences is the ability to specify whether new tabs or windows open with; home page, same page, empty page or bookmarks. I predicted that it will be released when Mac 10.6 comes out in Macworld 2009. They still have plenty of times to make it better than current version (3.1).

Next is Opera. After long development, finally they released a major upgrade for Opera (9.50). It now uses a new rendering engine which is dubbed to be 2x faster than previous Opera 9.2x in rendering JS and HTML code. It also has faster handling of third party plug-ins and also start up time. As other new rendering did, it also has better support for more Web Standards, like DOM, CSS, XHTML, and many more. Like Safari, the new rendering engine will produce better points at ACID 3 tests, so it's getting better and better.

The last browser is Firefox, which will release their next major version (3.0) in Tuesday, 17 June 2008. Probably right now they are busy preparing the party that will be held everywhere around the world. Besides that, they are preparing their infrastructure for an attempt to break Guinness World Record for most download in 24 hours. We won't see 100/100 on ACID 3 test on Firefox, since it's quite late on the development, but i saw that in RC 2, they have increased 5 points since they have fixed some bugs related to the test.

IE 8? Oh.... i totally forgot about this, but i don't think they will ship in this month, so let's forget about it for some time rolling on the floor

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