Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Future Prediction

Well, it's not Deddy C., but it's almost the same topic. Jucelino Noberga da Luz, a Brazilian school teacher has predicted several events would happened in the future and he has done several prediction, just like described in this article (in Indonesian, but an article is also available in English). In this article and this article, it's said that he has predicted several more events that will happen in the future. Some of his prediction are related to Indonesia. For example, he predicted that in 2009, Sumatra will have a big earthquake again.

Perhaps the most interesting prediction is that in 2043, 80% of world population will die in a huge disaster, leaving only 20% of the world population. I guess i will have to wait another 35 years (i will be 60 by that time) to prove this prediction big grin

Here's his prophecies for 2008 (in English). You can see the whether he's telling the truth or just cheap talk smug