Sunday, June 08, 2008

Enabling GMail Labs Manually

So, you have heard that GMail is rolling GMail Labs few days ago and it contains about 13 new features that are being developed before they will be integrated to all GMail users. When i heard this news, i wanted to try it, so i logged in to my GMail account and i found a NEW text on the upper section of the page, but i couldn't find any Labs text on the setting screen. Meaning what? I am not yet rolled in as GMail Labs users (yet).

This morning, i opened my RSS Reader and while reading the news, i found an interesting article from LifeHacker, called Manually Enabling GMail Labs in Your Account. I tried the step and it does works. Now i have access to GMail labs and i can test those 13 new features GMail team is working on.

The only thing to do is open this URL ( after you logged in into your account. When it's done loading, you will have a new tab on your Setting screen. Congrats... you have your Labs tab now and you can start testing this new feature big grin

Note: This doesn't work for GMail Apps according to the article, but i can't prove it since i don't use it.