Saturday, June 28, 2008

New OOo Writer Guide

Ihsan Faisal has finished writing translations for some OOo Writer guide from OOoAuthors. He has sent the file for me and i have just finished uploading the documents on Indonesian Documentation Project. It's a replacement for the old documents that were made for OOo 1.x. This one is for 2.x. I hope it could help you using OOo better.

Meanwhile, we are progressing with the Indonesian Native Lang project. It has reached almost 50% of the translations. Maybe you are all wondering, why did it take so long to finish the project? Well, OOo evolves, so many translations are changed each release and this would change the previous translations, so rework must be done. Another reason is that most of the members is a full-time employee on their organization or company, meaning that they do this project on their free time. So forgive us for bringing Indonesian version of OOo not worthy


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I am wondering for the OOOo Indonesian translation work. I really considering to use OOOo for replacement of my recent Microsoft Office.

    With Indonesian Support perhaps, my teamwork would do the same think and enjoy OOOo as well

    Thanks Bro

  2. Well, you can join the project to make it faster. This way, Indonesian version of OOo would be available faster

  3. From

    I see that Ihsan Faisal got Bronze award (receive USD 4,583.00) for his Indonesian Translation of Writer Guide.

    Congratulation to Ihsan Faisal !!