Thursday, June 19, 2008

Electricity Problem (AGAIN)

I think it's the worst electricity problem i ever had. Last night, my friend told me that there will be an electricity issue at 8 AM to 6 PM surprise (can you believe it? it's 10 hours in office hours). I think it's just a rumor, so i thought it was a joke.

Today is my last day on this short semester. All the materials are finished and today was only presenting their work for the second project task. When the presentation was finished, i played several videos i got from YouTube about Google Tech Talk. The topic i picked was about Linux Kernel project by Greg Kroah Hartman that was held at June 5. I wanted to give a real project to the students and showed them how cool the Linux Kernel project is. It's a distributed, fast-changing, keep-growing, community-based, and mature project. It all went very nice, and i moved to the second movie about Google: Behind The Scene (also from YouTube). Too bad, around 9 AM, the electricity went down like it was said. So i had to ends the class prematurely.

It's still off until my next class around 10.30, so i decided to show the videos without using any projector. I stopped the video once a while and discuss them with the students, because i know most of them don't use Linux (yet). I wanted to introduce them to it. Well, everything just flows as normal.

Well, after the class ended, i went to my office and there were some students who wanted to talk to me, so we had a chat. We chat for several hours and the electricity still down. We ended around 3.30 PM, and it's still no sign of the electricity will be up again. I went to the parking station, but on my way, i was stopped by my colleagues, so we had a chat again. One of my colleague called the electric company and asked them when will it be ready? They said it will be ready in short time, but they couldn't give a precise answer (a typical answer from a customer service operator)

The reason why the electricity is being cut off is they were planning to cut some trees in the side of the road and they are not taking any risk if the trees broke the electricity cable, so they shut it down (i wonder why on earth they do such thing in office hours and it took them ten hours to finish that job).

The electricity went up (finally) around 3.45 for about 30 seconds and it went down again angry I gave up. I went back to my house and my house was affected also crying

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