Friday, June 06, 2008

In The Darkness

When i went back from my office tonight, i sensed something wrong. It was dark everywhere (well, not everywhere, but most of the area i passed, starting from Mangkubumi, near Tugu). All the street lamps were not turned on like usual. It seems that the electricity was down. I thought it was that area, but it turned out that my house was also affected (even though mine is quite far from Tugu). The electricity went up again around 6.30 PM, but sadly, it went down again around 7.45 PM until 8.30 PM).

Now, it's already up again, and i never hoped it would goes down again. I just lost my mood to work on my thesis because of this broken heart

Right now, i'm downloading Indonesian Linux Forum database to prepare for the second release of CD Forum, an offline version of Indonesian Linux Forum which is made by Budi Baliwae in forms of Linux ISO. It has been six months since our first release, so it's time to update the database and also the application (we have moved to phpBB 3 engine).

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