Monday, June 02, 2008

Why Internet Shouldn't Be Banned At Work

Press Association has released an interesting article about Web Break Boost Productivity. It's said that banning Internet could reduce productivity because people tends to use social networking sites to reduce stress rather than drinking coffee or tea or even having a cigarette.

It's a study of 1700 employees working in PopCap Games industry where they were asked to build games everyday. I don't know about Indonesian people, but i guess people prefer to have some cigarette than to open social sites here (probably because they already accessed it during work hour).

I have seen several companies in Indonesia restricted Internet access during office hour. I just confused how people could communicate with others if Internet is banned. If it's a developer, what if he/she had some trouble that he/she couldn't solve? By looking for solution at the Internet, he/she could reduce time wasted to find his/her solution which might not work.

If you are a boss on your company, what would you do?

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