Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FireGPG Rocks

Thanks to Eko's Post, i finally found a great Firefox extension that could help me signing, encrypting, decrypting, and verifying my email message through GnuPG. In the past, i used PGP, but since i used Linux all the time nowadays and i no longer use my email client (i saved all my email at my GMail account), i need a tool which can be used in GMail web interface directly.

The FireGPG is the answer to my search. By using this extension, i could sign all of my message i wanted to send and people could verifying it by downloading my public key here or here or even here.


  1. You should checkout MailCloak at

    It does all that and more, with integrated key management and it works on about a dozen webmail services, not just gmail.

  2. well, gmail is my primary email, so i think firegpg is adequate for me

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    fotoflo: you should read willy's post more carefully. he use linux. and according to mailcloak's FAQ, it runs on windows only.