Friday, June 27, 2008

Pay Anywhere Using New PayPal Plugin

Paypal has made shopping in the Internet easier by developing a plugin which enables we use PayPal in sites that doesn't support PayPal. How's that possible? After you install the plugin, you can visit any site and do some shopping there. When you are ready to check out and pay, there's only a credit card form and you can't use PayPal to hide your credit card number. This could lead to fraud by the merchant or if you are in public place, it's very dangerous to put your critical information on the web, because people can sniff the data (if you are using public Wireless connection).

So this plugin can help you by generating random number which represents your credit card number and PayPal can track it automatically, meaning that you don't need to put your real credit card number. Cool huh? You can also add some description and it will be available on your PayPal accounts.

The problem is that this plugins are only available in US and not in other countries (for now). Let's hope they will include Indonesia in the future.

You can watch the demo here

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