Monday, June 09, 2008

Firefox Campus Edition

My friend has posted a link to Firefox Campus Edition. It's basically an original version Firefox that has been added several extensions that makes them suitable for students to help on their daily activities. Those extensions are:
  • Zotero: helps you track your notes while doing your research
  • FoxyTunes: manage your multimedia player through Firefox (i don't see any relation to study, but it's a great extension though, as it supports lots of player, including amaroK that i used daily. It also integrates well with Blogger)
  • StumbleUpon: discover new sites based on your interests and rate them


  1. OOT: Will, km pake firefox 2 apa 3? Ud bagus belum y yg 3? Ak ud pengen ganti... #_#

  2. aku masih pake 2.0.0.x
    versi 3 sudah cukup stabil kok menurutku. Bentar lagi juga akan dirilis, jadi gak ada salahnya cobain dulu