Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Installed

I finally installed Firefox 3 on my Slackware box. I tried to download the latest Firefox at midnight, but the servers where overwhelmed by the request of thousand of people around the world, so i think it's not a good time to download when peak hours. So i decided to go to bed first. This morning (around 4 AM), i woke up (i just went to sleep four hours) and turned on my TV because i thought the big match was still running, but unfortunately it has ended with Netherlands and Italy goes to the next round (as i predicted).

Next, i pointed my browser to Firefox download page to grab the latest version and download them. Before i totally migrate to Firefox 3, i backed up my .mozilla directory which contains my preferences and any other things related to Firefox configuration just in case it blew up (well, it didn't and that's a good news). After that, i moved the old Firefox installation and put the new one. I clicked on the Firefox icon and the compatibility checks started the process and found several of my extensions and theme are not compatible with the current Firefox. That's normal for me. So i visit the extension home page to see if there is an update and there was some updates but not for all extensions. I managed to get updates for ColorfulTabs, HTML Validator, and Google Page Rank Status. There are a couple of extensions which hasn't has any updates (yet), so i'll just wait for them to be compatible with Firefox 3.

Next problem is the theme. So far, i haven't seen any good Firefox 3 theme. I used Outlook 2003 in the past when i used Firefox 2, since it's nice (well, it's rather personal opinion though). Anybody can recommend a good theme with a slight blue as a background?

It's just a great product from Mozilla and i believe that Firefox 3 will grab more market share than Firefox 2 in short time. Bravo....


  1. Firefox 3 rocks and is super fast as promised. Optimize your FF3 experience with Firefox’s recommended add-on, the Me.dium Social Toolbar. Find us on AMO:

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  2. Anonymous1:37 AM

    firefox abbreviation is Fx or fx, not FF..cmiiw

  3. ah, yes. My mistake. I typed too fast and didn't look back :)