Saturday, June 14, 2008

Full of Surprises

Group C of the UEFA Euro 2008 Championship is truly full of surprises. It started with a big win 3-0 of Netherlands over Italy. Next is the draw between Romania and French. Last night, Italy and Romania had a draw again. It's not a good day for Italy. They had lots of chances, but they couldn't get more than one goal. It's just a bad luck for them. If there wasn't Buffon at the goal keeper, i would have thought they will leave the competition earlier. He denied Mutu's penalty kick and gives a little hope for Italy.

Another surprises comes from Netherlands. They done their impressive actions again by crushing French 4-1. Too bad i only watched the first half, so i couldn't saw their second, third, and fourth goal crying. It's because i had an exam this morning, so i wouldn't take any risk by watching the second half which ended around 4 AM. It's a big match and i really wanted to see them.

I think the surprises it hasn't ended yet, because one last ticket is still available for the remaining three contestants. Two of them are big nations, Italy, world champion in 2006 and French, 1998 world champion. We will see them in the next few days big grin

Update (7:25): Thanks to Soccernet, i could see the second, third, and fourth goal from Netherlands. They have a simple clips that showed last night and this morning's game between the contestants in Group C. They are superb goal love struck

Update (21:09): It's being broadcasted again in Global TV right now, so it's your chance to see the superb goal again. Sorry if you missed it again


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Aku kok ndak nemu ya, hehehe. Direct link dong, japri juga boleh.

  2. itu di random kok, jadi aku pas kebetulan aja

  3. you can watch almost all clips in, in case you dont know yet. ;)