Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Rapidshare Web Site

Thanks to Maseko, i found out that Rapidshare has changed their website. It's already on the news page, but most of the time, i never saw it and in the last few days, i have never logged in to Rapidshare web page, so i didn't notice the change.

It's getting better from design point of view. It still uses the KISS principle (you won't see too much fancy artwork on the new version, which is good). They have changed their action button to text links, which is also good for text-based browser.

Still, they could do better than this. Why should they hide user information (such as expiration date, how much TrafficShare left, how big their storage, how many files uploaded, etc)? It will be displayed if you clicked on the + sign. Why don't they displayed it just like in the old version?

The files information gets a major changes by revealing more information and also a quick text link to convert from normal download to TrafficShare and Secure TrafficShare mode. They also provide the URL in a normal text in addition to the normal hyperlink text.

But probably the most favorite changes is the capacity. They have upgrade the download quota to 50 GB for five days party

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  1. Ya, the new rapidshare site is 'great' for those who download from their browser. But, for ppl who prefer to download using wget or curl the change to the website has also made it much more difficult to use ur prem account from terminal :( Its been driving me nuts.