Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Perfect Winning

What can i say? Netherlands was far more superior than Italy today. It's a perfect winning. At the beginning, i had some doubt that there will be lots of goals, since this two nations are two of the big ones, so i was predicting a draw. But it seems that my prediction was totally wrong. The Dutch led by 1-0 through van Nistelrooy, even though i agreed that it was totally offside. But you can't denied the second (which i think is the best goal today) and third goal. Almost all of them came through counter attacks.

Getting the big win today makes their was to the next round easier, but the road is still far away. They must at least got one more victory to make sure they qualified to the next round.

It seems that Mr. Yahya's prediction will miss again this time (it's not yet finalized, but Italy does have a lot of homework to do if they want to go to the finals just like predicted winking)

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