Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Than Predicted

The counter has been stopped and it reveals an interesting numbers. Even though Firefox team only targeting at five millions download on 24 hours, they got more than eight millions (8.638.392 for more precise). It has a rate of 4168 download per minute, so it's very fast download. I don't know how they count this, but if we could look at the web server logs, i think this number is quite valid, since many people has loved Firefox since it's debut few years back.

Even though it has stopped the counter, the download still goes on (and i believe it will past ten millions download in less than a week. Probably it will take one more day to past that milestone). In one month, there will be lot more. Firefox is so fantastic. They have really improved, mostly in reducing the memory usage and prevent memory leak. I could open lots of tab and leave it idle for few hours and the memory is still in acceptable levels (of course, this is subjective). It also handles Javascript codes better, as i never had problems with new GMail interface after using Firefox 3 (i often get a not responding browser when i used Firefox 2 to access GMail's new web interface).

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