Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Bye Italy

One more big nation has been swept out from EURO 2008. So now we have four team competing for their title, Germany, Turki, Russia, and Spain. Russia and Turki is not on my prediction, but they have made many surprises on this tournament (which Greece has done in the previous tournament). Can they do something more by winning their semi final matches and advanced to the final? We will see that later.

I only watched Spain vs Italy match until first half until i decided to go to sleep, which was a good decision, since the match has to be decided by penalties. If i watched it all the time, i would have to stayed until around 4.30 AM. Well, it's a dramatic for Italy. They has managed to go through the preliminary round with some 'help' from Netherlands, yet they couldn't score any goal in the normal match (again). In this tournament, Italian strikers didn't produce any goal at all (which is very odd, since they have very good strikers in their clubs).

Well, that's soccer. You'll never know what will happen until the whistle is blown off.

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