Thursday, April 05, 2007

1000th Post

This is my 1000th post in this blog since i started to create an account in Blogger in August 2004. My first post was about Mandrake Linux 10.1 Beta 1. It took me less than 3 years to reach 1000 post and i never thought that i can reach it in less than 3 years. Currently i have 3 blog accounts (2 in Blogger and 1 in Friendster), but i only post in Blogger account.

At the beginning, i post everything in this blog, but when Blogger rolled their Beta service, i wanted to try that, so i made a new account and give it a name of SlackBlogs, which i used to post almost everything about my Slackware system (and also some Open Source packages that i often used on my Slackware system). Since that time, i divide my post between this two accounts and i use this blog for my personal idea, thoughts, opinion and left the other blog for more specific topic (Slackware).

Ok, first milestone has been reached. Now i'm aiming for 2000th post. I hope i can reach that in less than 3 years (or probably i can make it in 2 years). Well.. who knows. Let's just wait and see...


  1. Really a great effort by you. Very nice and informatic blog
    Keep doing it. write something to make this world beautiful.
    Congrats for 1000th post.
    99% Bachelor

  2. Congratz!!! Finally you reach your aims :D
    Keep posting Wil!